Intuitive Soul Level Animal Communication

Intuitive / telepathic communication is the most basic form of communication, an ability we all are born with.


As humans, we learn and rely on verbal communication, consequently our intuitive skills are left unused behind. Like a muscle, unless used regularly, these skills became rusty, weak and inefficient.

Animals relate to each other through verbal, physical and intuitive communication all the time. These ways of communication are normal for our animals.

Intuitive animal communication is about LOVE. It is only when we come from this place of love that we can truly reach out and engage with the animals and create TRUST. BY creating trust we create a safe environment where our animal friends have the freedom to express themselves freely and fully.

Let’s explore together the voice of the animals and discover the ancient wisdom of being connected.  

It will be my honor for me to consult with humans and animals concerning any problems and to help restore peace and harmony.

Animal Communication Services Option 4

25 minute - Intuitive Soul Level Animal Communication Session

A 25 minutes discovery session of intuitive connection and communication with your animal alive or in spirit. Daniela will intuitively let you dive gently into your beloved animals life by allowing you to know better their personality, behavior and so much more. In this fun session, Daniela will facilitate come through any message or information that your animal would like to share with you and to respond to one question you may have.

The consult will be via Skype /Zoom/ Google Meet

To book the session click here:

Single Session Fee: 60US$
Additional phone consult fees apply after the initial 25 minutes.

Animal Communication Option 1

40 minute – Intuitive Soul Level Animal Communication Session

A 40 minutes of intuitive connection and communication consult with your alive animal (s) or in spirit. While the animal will loving guide the session exactly where it's supposed to go, Daniela will open the door to soul to soul communication and allow you to dive deeper into the soul level contract between you and your animal. This session will include 3 questions / thoughts/ concerns up to discussion, plus learning about the lesson that your animal is teaching you in this life time.

The consult will be via Skype / Zoom / Google Meet

To book the session click here:

Single Session Fee: 75US$ (including a 10 min free follow up call)

Animal Communication services option 3

Communication Re-Check:

Offered as a follow-up within 48 hours of the initial session.

Two questions maximum, email report only.

Fee: 20US$

Important Information

What do you need to know for your Animal Communication Session?

  • Your animal does not have to be present during the session
  • The reading will be done with your own animal (not some else’s)
  • Question(s): it is highly likely that your questions will be answered before you even ask them, but please be sure to have them ready
  • Have a pen and paper handy, as you will like to take notes
  • No animal photo is required
  • Good internet connection
  • No information needs to be provided upfront, don’t feed the “psychic” J
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for clarification. This is your session. If something doesn’t make sense, make sure to let Daniela know of your need to understand.
  • Ten to fifteen minutes before the session, sit quietly in meditation to calm your mind, body and emotions. This will allow you to be more present during the session.
  • Sit comfortable in a safe, quiet place and relax.


Client Cancellation or failure to keep a scheduled appointment:

The client remains responsible for session fees for any regularly scheduled calls that the client cancels with less than 24 hours’ notice. I will stay on the call for 10 minutes of our session time.  After 10 minutes your session will be forfeited.


Refund or reschedule a coaching sessions:

Will be applied only when advance cancellation notice has been received - minimum 48 business hrs.


**Reiki and Animal Communication are never a substitute for veterinary care.
If your pet isn't well, contact your veterinarian immediately.