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Deep down, do you know there is a way to enjoy your own authentic healthy lifestyle by trading “you can’t eat that”, “you have to do that” for appreciating the food as medicine?

  • You know there is a healthier version of yourself and don’t know how to bring it back to you?
  • You wish to upgrade your lifestyle, but your busy full life is staying in your way?
  • You want to lose the junk from your life, but don’t believe anymore in restrictive diets that assure you that everything will work before even trying?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the most controversial science in the world – Nutrition?
  • Have you had trouble being successful before and found you couldn’t do it alone?


I’m here to help.

I specialize in helping busy professionals (just like you) who are willing to stretch their comfort zone and boost their busy life with more energy, without weighting their food and running to the scale on daily basis, with less stress and a positive attitude to expedite a happy and healthy life that is notably more flexible, fun and rewarding.

What you can expect

I’m your guide on the side and I’ll coach you how to make better decisions that fit into your busy lifestyle by making simple changes that create big results.

You will take one step at a time, crowd out the fattening comfort foods by incorporating healthy foods to balance your diet and give you energy, take breaks to distress and for self care, move your body more through safe workouts, learn to “breath”, spend time with people who support you to stay motivated and not draw back. Overall, you will develop a love relationship with your body which will take you towards accomplishing whatever your dreams, ideas, aspirations may be.

Are you curious about how working with me can help you?

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I invite you to schedule a FREE 15 minute “ME TIME” Session.