Vitamin Vacation

Let this be short discussion about something that is taught by the amazing Hippocrates Health Institute.  They do lots of healing work there…

Back to vitamins.   Did you know that you should not be taking them every day for weeks, months and years at a time?  Why you ask? Because over time you become immune to them, so after a while you are wasting your money and your time swallowing all those little buggars.    It is good to take a break from your supplements for about a week every other month.  Who knew?

The type of vitamins you should take varies.  Lots of people take probiotics, enzymes and multi vitamins every day.  Many also take Vitamin D if they have been tested low on it.  If you don’t eat animal products you need a B12 supplement.  This is very important – the one big problem vegans have – whether they are pills patches or shots, they are very important!  There are pills with mushrooms for immunity. There are also pills with chlorella… The truth is, you are much better off getting your vitamins and minerals through food, but to get a perfect dose, would be very difficult.

I didn’t really mean for this to be a blog on what kind of vitamins to take, the main thing is that you know that you should take intermittent breaks from your supplements to retain their value. The most nutrients will come from the real nutrients found in whole foods!

What are your thoughts on all of this?

Stay Healthy and Happy Hearty Souls

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